Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lazy Day

Today was a day of bumming around and catching up with the family on Skype/Viber. I borrowed a bike to pick up more sunscreen and mail some postcards, but it was so incredibly hot that I drank all my water before I even got to the post office. I sat in the shade for a bit to cool off before venturing back out into the inferno and chatted with a man waiting for his mother to finish shopping in the nearby market about his favorite places in Bali and about how most people in America are not millionaires. Once safely back at my air conditioned homestay I took a shower and a nap, and fruitlessly attempted yet again to get my laptop to connect to the wifi there. As the sun went down and the temperature dropped to a semi-tolerable level, I ventured out in search of food. The caretaker at the homestay recommended two nearby places, a traditional Indonesian place and a pizza joint. Pizza just sounded wrong, so I set out to Bu Ageng for some rice, stewed lamb and various dried salty toppings. I must say, I'm not a fan of lazy days, but I think my body needed this one. I'm heading back to the homestay to pack now as I'll be leaving for Solo tomorrow and I have just two concerns: I hope the soundtrack in Solo is a bit lighter on the motorcycle noises than all other places I've been to so far, and I hope I don't accidentally pack a lizard in my bag.

Super fuzzy picture of my side, this guy is probably eating bitey bugs to keep me safe.