Thursday, March 12, 2015

Street Art of Penang

As promised, I give you an entire post of nothing but street art from the walls of Penang, Malaysia. I had a lot of fun tracking these down during the course of my stay there and I hope you like these as much as I do. Some of these are official "must track down" pieces, and some were just random art I liked. Feel free to assign your own captions as you will :D

A gangsta in a tux?

Primary colors hate rats!

The emotion on the boys face is supposed to be joy. Just so you's not 
utter terror at the thought that his sister might be trying to kill him. I checked. 

"The cats go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah"
What do you mean that's not how it goes?

Just a boy, taking his imaginary friend out for a walk

Maybe not high art, but I like him...probably because it looks like he 
ate whoever was walking him.

Bruce Lee hates cats, apparently.

Bee boo, bee boo...because why not?

She had the wind in her hair...which must have been nice in this heat.

"Sail away, sail away, sail away"

"Over here, chicky babe!"  ~ Gonzo

Just chillin' in my trishaw

Sure, they said, swing on that spare swing they said. Don't mind the BRICK WALL.

Because blue overalls are SO yesterday

Happiness is kicking your older sister's butt in a game

You'r never too old to monkey around. 

All I can say is...did you see the carnivorous noses?

The cool part of this is that those are actual doors that fold up, 
so this magic trick has the potential to look not so successful...

I think this one was called "Kung Fu Girl", but I'd lock my windows 
at night in this neighborhood.

Minions see your scribbles and they judge. I mean, not one banana!

Can you see the mousey bringing the cat an offering?

Steamed buns DO sound delicious, but you shouldn't have to 
incarcerate your children to keep them safe. 

The rat might be hiding, but the cat knows it's there, but he's gonna leave 
the abomination of nature alone. I mean would you hunt a rat that big?

"Buy more souvenirs!" the walls whisper.

Malaysian version of the CoolAid man. Mangosteen flavor. 

Nom nom nom...except I can't find an actual steak anywhere. Lucky dog.

The fun part is that I found him behind an actual dumpster!

Sneaky, sneaky!

The end.

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  1. Thanks Anna! Love it! What's with all the minions?