Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Waterfall and Night Market in Luang Prabang

Its been a bit quiet here for a bit as I was soaking up as much sister/cousin time as I could in Thailand, but now I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, the journey to Luang Prabang came first. I decided to skip the night bus this time and take the just as long daytime bus instead. The road was just as broken up and just as twisty and turney, but this time I could see the gorgeous mountainside vistas on either side of the road and even with three of my poor travel companions puking their guts out into plastic bags, I was much happier on this ride than both of the previous ones. 

This is only slightly exaggerated by the panoramic shot...the roads were 
mostly all just like this one

The town itself was pretty cute, full of shops and cafes and wats, of course. I don't really agree that it's the apex of authenticity, what with all the french fries and tourist shops and tuk tuk touts, but it did have a very chill vibe and was a nice place to relax. 

Not sure if the kitty came to worship or be worshiped

Marigold cones are sold everywhere in the market and make lovely
offerings at temples throughout the city

"Oh, please, do come in!" <- even the cats are touts

You can cross the bridge in dry season...but there's not much on the other side

It's a jackfruit...I promise...why are you giggling?

The very best part of this town is actually what lies outside of it. I skipped the overpriced and overbooked tour, woke up early, rented a motorbike and drove out of town to the nearby waterfall for a dip. The Kuang Si waterfalls drop straight down dozens of meters before lazily tumbling down from pastel blue pool to pool. The water is crystal clear and you can swim in almost all of the pools (one was considered a sacred site), which I most certainly made sure to do. The cool clear water was amazing!

Back in town there were more Wats to visit and more importantly the night market! Amazing food prepared right there on the street in front of you for practically pennies! I skipped most of the touristy tshirt stalls and headed straight for the food.

Amazing coconut pancake thingies. I could have eaten dozens of these babies!

Piles of freshly cooked food served buffet style, for a dollar a bowl!

Freshly grilled fishies!


And if you're not terribly hungry, maybe you had the wrong toast at breakfast?

Handmade paper shop

How's about some rice?

Or how about creepy crawlies steeped in local fungus whiskey? No thanks!!!

See? They're pets not food!

Amazing fruit is everywhere!

Paper umbrellas are one of the local crafts...but they don't hold up in the rain

Who knew there were TWO colors of water buffalo?
Ebony and Ivory indeed!

Can't beat this view for a "sundowner" <- local nickname for happy hour

Yep. Crocodile pate. Authentic French. Uhuh.

This town is bananas!!!


  1. Right, pets. Who are they kidding?

  2. Why didnt you bring me crocodile pate???? lol